Millions of patients worldwide suffer from diseases and disorders that can be cured with gene therapy, a technique by which viruses are used to introduce new, healthy, genes into the cells of patients.

The challenge lies in human cells’ response to the introduction of new genes. The body views new genes introduced by viruses as potential threats, and the body’s immune system fights off the viruses with the healthy genes.

NxGEN technology solves this problem. Our scientists have discovered how to build viruses that are stealthy, coming in under the body’s immune radar. By reducing or eliminating the body’s immune reaction, viruses built using NxGEN technology can deliver their healing power without activating the body’s defenses.

NxGEN Vector Solutions, LLC, is a gene therapy technology company focused on recruiting strategic partners to license cutting edge gene therapy vector technologies that revolutionize and transform the field and improve the lives of patients with genetic disorders.

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