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    NxGEN will design your CpG-depleted AAV vector constructs.

    Let NxGEN design your AAV vector sequence using our patented CpG-depletion technology to get your platforms up and running faster. A reduction in immune response following gene transfer is achieved using an AAV vector expression cassette that contains fewer CpG di-nucleotides than an unmodified AAV vector resulting in safe, effective, and durable therapeutic gene expression as seen both preclinically and clinically. We use our expertise and vector design strategies to decrease the number of CpG motifs in your AAV vector and provide you the highest quality sequences with the greatest success rate.

    For more information about our custom CpG-depleted AAV vector construct generation and consulting services, to discuss licensing opportunities, or for a Technology Documentation Package, please fill out the form below and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

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    We are in a new era of gene therapy, but the way the body views therapeutic genes introduced by AAV vectors as potential threats to human cells is anything but new. It remains a significant challenge. NxGEN technology overcomes this challenge, building stealthy AAV vectors that come in under the body’s immune radar to deliver their healing power without activating the body’s defenses.

    Gene therapy is an investment for now and in the future. Can you afford to build your vectors without investing in NxGEN technology?